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Other use cases?

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Other use cases?

Post by Ough » 09 Sep 2018 12:37

The brainstorm box is for brainstorming and thinking freely -- and even out of the box -- about where we can take Kwagsh in the future, with the 2.0 rebirth ("Project K Coin") codebase revamp. More ideas and suggestions will help us define the main feature of this coin.

Use cases can vary but often determine what the ideal total coin supply and emission will be.

Could Kwagsh become an investment coin and store of value?
Make it scarce. Having a low coin supply. Keeping most of the coins untraded and locked up by long term hodlers.

Could Kwagsh become an Internet of Things currency for automatic payment of IoT time or service?
Make it pleniful, with a large coin supply and negligent transaction costs. Automatic regular exchange of value on the internet of things means micropayments.

In the middle, between those two extremes of scarcity and a huge coin supply, are other use cases.

Could Kwagsh be used to to authenticate evidence?
A medium-emission coin like Litecoin (or potentially also like our new version, if that is the route the community decides to take) could be used for evidence authentication. Courts now already accept blockchained timestamps as evidence. Notary public and registry functions? That is one area where crypto will be able to come into its own and really shine, once it has been able to penetrate.

Could Kwagsh be the coin that lets you save money when you spend it?
For a coin with medium-to-large emission, with around a billion coins in circulation, a revamped coupon-style setup offers another use case. Think of it as a GroupOn, but on crypto: Holders of the coin will be entitled to special discount offers or two-for-one deals but only if they pay with Kwagsh coins held inside a (third party) wallet where these offers are displayed. Do it all in an Android and Iphone app and make it location based, so the relevant "coupons" appear on the users screen relevant to his or her local area. Kwagsh would become the money saver coin, or, in effect, actually the coin which pays you to use it.

What would be the main feature of this coin?
Moving forward is easy once we know where the coin is going and any good idea is worth considering!

Let's brainstorm even more ideas and suggestions.
Go ahead and add them in the comments by replying to this post.

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Re: Other use cases?

Post by Chameleonoox » 14 Sep 2018 04:22

disaster relief use for this coin.

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Re: Other use cases?

Post by Karsen » 15 Sep 2018 00:17

Air miles, reward for example, when you make a plane trip, you get miles, in this case you would get KGH and with a certain number you would even be able to buy a full trip, could be applied to other similar cases

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Re: Other use cases?

Post by miga » 26 Sep 2018 19:30

Reward in exchange for ratings (hotels, restaurant, store ...). The most difficult will be to avoid false ratings and bot ratings.
Rewards for mystery shopper.

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