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Kredits (XKR)


Community Announcement 01 (25/Sep/2018)

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Community Announcement 01 (25/Sep/2018)

Post by Ough » 25 Sep 2018 12:14

This is the first in what will be an ongoing series of announcements for milestones and important news regarding the continued community development of Kwagsh. We already have a lot of great news to report, with even more to come in the days and weeks ahead.

As part of its community rebirth, the coin currently known as Kwagsh (KGH) will rebrand to Kredits (XKR) wits its upcoming code rebase and new 2.0 mainnet launch. To match its new name, community planning and coordination now takes place on the coin's new domain,
Name: Kredits
Ticker: XKR
Codebase: monero
Algo: cryptonight_heavy
Total coin supply: 100 billion XKR
Coin swap time period: 30 - 45 days (starting from 2.0 / relaunch)

Community discussion forum:

New community-chosen logo:
New logo for Kredits (XKR)
kredits_xkr.png (55.81 KiB) Viewed 12415 times
Teams have been defined and roles assigned to 11 of our community's members:
We still want to expand these teams further, with more development talent, additional project coordination, added infrastructure providers, etc.
Be a part of this: All teams are open for participation by anyone, simply by adding your name to the list.

What we're working on next:
  • Code development for Kredits launch
  • Relaunch block explorer for Kwagsh (KGH, 1.0 legacy chain) - DONE (28/Sep/2018)
  • Interface for coin swap submissions KGH:XKR
  • Initial website for
Still to be determined:
  • Coin swap ratio KGH:XKR
  • Finalizing coin swap rules and procedure
  • Developer compensation
  • Date for mainnet 2.0 coin relaunch
Everyone has a say in this: All community discussions are completely transparent, with full and open participation from anyone. Support has been amazing and we're excited for the future of our coin. The full community now has 41 members backing the work, in addition to well over a hundred subscribers to the coin's Telegram and Discord groups. Join in on Discord, Telegram and in the community forum,

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Re: Community Announcement 01 (25/Sep/2018)

Post by AverageCitizen » 27 Sep 2018 14:52

Very well done! :D

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Re: Community Announcement 01 (25/Sep/2018)

Post by Ough » 28 Sep 2018 03:58

Work is moving forward as announced. I am pleased to report that we have now relaunched the block explorer for Kwagsh (KGH, 1.0 legacy chain), which was offline for a while after the original developer failed to maintain the coin's initial infrastructure.

The relaunched legacy-chain block explorer is now located here:

It will remain up and actively running for as long as the Kwagsh 1.0 blockchain is still our main chain.

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