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Address balance viewer for coin swap

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Address balance viewer for coin swap

Post by Ough » 01 Oct 2018 14:32

In preparation for the upcoming coin swap, the Kwagsh 1.0 legacy blockchain will need an interface to look up the balance for a given address.

Who this will help:
* Ordinary users can verify and confirm their balance without opening and syncing a wallet.
* Miners who mined to paper wallets can verify and confirm their balance without installing and syncing a full wallet.
* The coin swap processing team can verify and confirm claims.

A public balance viewer like this will be safe to use, as it only requires the public wallet address and its view key. (Private keys or seed words are not required). It is similar to a view-only wallet / watch wallet.

Kwagsh currently does not have such a tool and never had one. However, Monero has such a tool which can be fairly easily be adapted for KGH:

The sooner anyone wants to put this up, the closer we can move forward to the coin swap. We already have a working block explorer which can be used as an open full node because we configured the kwagshd behind it for fully open Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).

Monero address balance viewer (requires just wallet address and public view key)
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