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Kredits (XKR)


2.0 specs

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2.0 specs

Post by Ough » 09 Sep 2018 10:42

The community-driven initiative for planning the rebirth of Kwagsh (KGH) is off to a great start. Discussion is actively underway for several of the key points in the project and this post summarizes the important decisions which have been made so far.

It has been determined that the best way forward is to launch the coin with a new chain and that coins existing on the old chain will be swapped for coins on the new. (This also means that if you are currently mining, you can safely keep mining. You won't be mining 2.0 coins, but the legacy coins you mine now are swappable for coins on the new chain after it launches. All coin holders will be given ample time for making the swap.)

Coin details:
  • Rebrand to new name / ticker: Kredits (XKR)
  • Codebase: monero
  • Algo: cryptonight_heavy
  • Total coin supply: 100 billion XKR
  • New mainnet launch date: TBD
  • Coin swap time period for existing KGHs: 30 - 45 days from 2.0 / relaunch
Stay tuned: This post will be continually updated as consensus evolves and development is underway.

To have your voice heard as development moves forward, be sure to post here in this forum as well as in our Discord and Telegram groups, and be sure to also reply to the postings of others in the community. Your input is highly appreciated. This is a volunteer effort to rescue the coin and take it to the next level, and everyone's participation is more than welcome!

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