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Transaction limit

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Transaction limit

Post by Ough » 10 Dec 2018 17:07

If you hit a transaction size limit, what is that and what can you do to fix it?

If you experience problems with sending large amounts of coins, make sure that you use the latest wallet, and are fully synchronized with the network. If the problem persists, check the following:
- Incoming transactions number in your wallet.
- The average size of an incoming transaction.
- Outgoing transaction you wish to create.

So, for example, if your wallet consists of 200 incoming transactions, with average size 5000 KGH (1,000,000 KGH in total), and you want to send all of it - it will try to use all these 200 inputs while creating output, that can hit tx limit in kb.

Try to do the following:
- Simply send a smaller amount. (average input amount multiplied by 10 or 15)
- Send all coins (in batches that will pass the limit) to own subaddress. Take roughly average input size in KGH and multiply it by 10-15 and try this batch on wallet consolidation. (In the 1 million KGH above example the chunks would be 50,000 kgh, of course, you can try higher chunk size). After you sent all coins to own subaddress - you can hit either "All coins" button and create a transaction, or use any amount you need to send.

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